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  Steel Structures  
  Steel structures has become more well-known in this time, because structure of steel buildings is generally used not only in commercial building and industrial area but also in building houses. The main reason behind this is that steel buildings offer many advantages and utilities.A steel building assures strength and affordability that you cannot get from traditional buildings.
The modern commercial steel building is collection of many individual segments that have changed over time. With the recent benefit of CAD, steel buildings have become a group safer. These leads to a more efficient manufacturing process, as most steel buildings have become pre-fabricated. Smaller pre-fabricated steel buildings are simple enough to be constructed by anyone but larger steel buildings require professional construction workers to ensure proper assembly. Steel structures services provide an accurate image of each structural element, its placements, connections with other components and precise dimensions. Steel structures is used for flawless construction.
Steel Structures
Steel Structures
  Roller Shutters  
Roller Shutter Doors consist essentially of a curtain of interlocking slats which form a continuous hinge along their entire length. This construction permits the curtain to roll up or down as it is raised or lowered onto a revolving spring loaded barrel which is mounted onto steel support brackets. A bottom rail fitted to the curtain strengthens the curtain and allows for the fitment of handles and locking devices. The curtain is also prevented from moving side-ways by side channels or guides. The entire assembly is either bolted or welded to the structure and the rolling mechanism is enclosed in a canopy hood.
Rolling Shutters
  Steel Wndows/ Doors  
We are manufacturing steel windows that are ergonomically designed to lend style to the interiors as well as exteriors. Made from the highest grades of steel, our variety is available in different dimensions to suit the customer's requirement.
These Steel windows can withstand extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, our range find application in:
• Commercial buildings
• Schools
• Restaurants
• Government buildings
Steel Windows
  Grills and Gate  
We specialize in providing the most decorative and original ornamental iron, steel grills and gate for all environment.
We manufacture Iron Grill gates that are manufactured from superior quality iron. These are specialy treatedfor rust resistance and last longer. We offer varieties of design and custom made depending upon the size and choice of the client  
Steel Gate